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League of Legends (LOL) - Cinematic (A new Dawn) 

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Hello, guys! I got my FB Fanpage! More Photos than on Worldcosplay or Tumblr will be uploaded on that Page! If you have interest, Please visit there :D

Twitter - @ddsaida

★ All ID (NARI, SAIDA/MJ) is me! is japanese portrait site, but now i’m not using on that page. please check new page account under!)

Hello, guys! It’s ‘about time! I’m opening cosplay costume commissions J Attached examples are all done by me. If you’re interested, please read guide line carefully and contact me!

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* Portrait page :

* Mail : ( English, German Only please.) 

-For any inquiries, Please email me with your request and reference pictures attached ( English, German Only please.) and I will get back to you ASAP with estimated price.

- I DO NOT start working on your costume until the full payment is made.

- I accept only Paypal for the payment.

- I will have to ask your patience for a minimum 3 weeks from the time you made a payment. A minimum 2eeks is required to complete your costume, and the international shipping will take about 7-10days depends on your region. Please note, this is NOT a fixed schedule. if there are a lot of orders, I will definitely let you know an alternative deadline for you.

- If you wish to check your costume’s progress pictures, I’d love to take few pictures and email you J

That’s about it! Please forgive me if this post doesn’t contain enough information, I know there are a lot more to be mentioned, so if you have any question, please do not hesitate to email me I will be happy to respond !